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Additional Services

Orders of Protection

An order of protection is a court order signed by a judge to protect victims/survivors of sexual assault from future interactions with or harassment from their offender. 

  • It is free to file an order of protection and does not require attorney involvement or payment

    • Advocates, family justice center staff, and legal aid representatives can assist you in filing an order of protection

Criminal Injuries Compensation

Criminal Injuries Compensation is a program operated by the Tennessee Department of Treasury that offers financial assistance to victims of violent crime. 

Eligible Expenses:

  • Medical Bills/Mental Health Counseling

    • This includes medical expenses directly related to an injury resulting from the crime, and any counseling services necessary 

  • Lost Wages

    • Only covers wages lost if you are physically unable to work due to the injury

  • Pain and Suffering

    • Only available to victims of sexually oriented crimes with a maximum payment of $3,000

  • Trial Travel Expenses

    • Up to $1,250 in travel expenses to attend court-mandated trials and proceedings

Additional Eligibility Requirements

  • The crime must be reported to law enforcement within 48 hours

  • The crime must have occurred in Tennessee

  • The victim’s action cannot contribute to the crime

  • The victim must fully cooperate with police investigation and prosecution

  • A claim must be filed within one year of the crime

Advocates, victim witness coordinators, and family justice center/rape crisis centers can assist in filing Criminal Injury Compensation claims. To find out more information or submit a claim online visit:

Safe at Home

Safe at Home is a free program offered by the state of Tennessee to victims of any sexual offense who move to a new address following the crime. Safe at Home provides participants with a confidential, substitute address to replace/hide their actual address from offenders. 

Advocates, victim witness coordinators, and family justice centers/rape crisis centers can assist in the Safe at Home application. To find out more information visit:

Free Therapy/Counseling

Many family justice centers/rape crisis centers offer free therapy/counseling to victims/survivors of sexual assault. 


You're taking the right steps.

Understanding ​trauma is the body and mind’s response to an event.


You Are Not to Blame.

Who to call?


National Sexual Assault Hotline



National Domestic Violence Hotline



National Suicide Hotline



National Human Trafficking Hotline


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